Failure of Engine to Idle Properly

We listed possible causes of the problem failure of engine to idle properly:

1. Carburetor control linkage improperly adjusted
2. Loose spark plug connectors
3. Water or oil in magnetos
4. Burned or pitted contact breaker points
5. Improper magneto timing
6. Defective ignition harness
7. Improper grade of fuel
8. Incorrect idling speed adjustment
9. Throttle valve closing too far
10. Idling jet restricted
11. Air leaks in induction system
12. Vapor in fuel system
13. Improper fuel pressure
14. Internal carburetor trouble
15. Partial obstruction in fuel lines
16. Fuel valve leaking or not operating properly
17. Defective primer valve
18. Improper valve clearance
19. Low cylinder compression
20. Excessive play in carburetor control linkage

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