Carolina Thomas Engine Faults

Carolina Thomas engine trouble page was created with due care. It is exclusively intended to offer a technical description of the Carolina Thomas engine errors and problems, and to provide instructions on commissioning, operating and maintaining the machine.

How to check Carolina Thomas Engine Code :

First Check Engine Type From The Plate hatz engine plate

The engine type plate is located on the crankcase or sound protection hood and contains the following engine information:

  1. Number of the engine family or the EU approval (for engines with exhaust certificate only)
  2. Engine type, customer specification and setting of pumping start (crankshaft before top dead center)
  3. Engine serial number
  4. Max. engine speed (rpm)
  5. Model year
  6. Displacement (liters) and inspection requirement for special settings
  7. Injection pump effective stroke (mm) and engine capacity (kW)
  8. Constant speed only (for engines with EPA/CARB exhaust certificate only)
  9. Variable speed (for engines with EPA/CARB exhaust certificate only)

Carolina Thomas Engine Fault SPN SID CID and FMI Codes

List of Carolina Thomas engine errors :

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